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Episode #6: F is Not For Phreak

3620 Turns One Month Old!

We celebrated our one month anniversary a few days ago, so it seemed fitting to run with the very first episode that we produced back when we were kicking around ideas for getting the podcast off the ground. It’s a page out of Kevin’s research on the history of hacker culture, which turns to a meditation on the role of telephony and sound in our world. Enjoy!

Major Thanks…

The phreak who goes by Mark Bernay is a wonderful and gracious guy for talking with me and for lending me some of his audio to use in this episode. If you want to check out more of his recordings, head over to Phone Trips.


“Real Love” by Delorean (0:00)

“Imitosis” by Andrew Bird (2:32 & 8:14)

“Dead Media” by Hefner (4:53)

“Pick Up the Phone” by Dragonette (9:44)

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