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Episode #42: Sonic Field Notes From the World’s Longest Race

Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange

In the summer of 2013, Corrina Laughin and Kevin Gotkin studied a spiritual community. An odd spiritual community, it turns out, because they organize many ultra-long-distance races, including the world’s longest footrace. Corrina and Kevin conducted an ethnography of this race, called the 3,100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race. Here, they offer us “sonic field notes” from their research.


“Oh, Calcutta!” by The Meters (intro)
“Spectacle Rock” by Goddamn Electric Bill
“Mysterieux Message” by Chapelier Fou
“Tangier Winds” by Southern Shores
“May Fourteenth” by Goddamn Electric Bill
“End Credits” by Goddamn Electric Bill

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