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Wrap on Season One!

Season One Highlights

When we dreamed up this podcast back in the spring, we didn’t really know how it would play out. Our first season has been extemporaneous in a number of ways and we’re happy to have rolled with some of the (good!) punches. In some of the behind-the-scenes conversations, we decided that the things we explored on this podcast would have been worth it even if we had no audience at all. This fall we learned about how to make arguments that were natively digital, born in and through the aural. We experiment with out own writing, voice, and editorial skills.

But we’re happy to say that we did have an audience.

We’re happy to say that we had over

19,000 listens

to our first 13 episodes combined.

We have a great lineup of stories for the spring semester. And we’re back on

January 14th


We’d love to hear from you all. If you want to drop us a note about what you liked or didn’t like from our first season, get in touch with us!


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