Published on January 20th, 2013 | by Kevin


Episode #14: Inaugural Mashup

Inaugural in two ways

This is the first mashup we’re featuring on the podcast! But it’s also a mashup of inaugural addresses, making it doubly inaugural. We took the inaugural addresses that we have on tape, starting with FDR’s first inaugural speech, and sliced them up. The idea is that we can create new speeches but putting our past presidents into conversation with each other – almost literally! (Perhaps we were inspired by a rhythm science sound sculpture.)

We’re happy to bring you episode one of our second season! Check back each Monday for new episodes.

Major thanks to Daniel Kloeffler for the idea for this podcast!


“Lost in My Bedroom” by Sky Ferreira (0:00)

“Hall” by Baths (1:21)

“Maximalist” by Baths (2:15)

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