Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Kevin


Episode #18: Thinking Home

Here, and/or There

This week, brand new producer Sara Mourad brings us an interwoven audio essay, featuring Jasmine Salters. The piece explores the relationships created in the personal and professional distances from “home.” Enjoy!


“Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)” by AWOLNATION (0:00)

“Fasateen” by Machrou3 Leila (1:08)

“El Hal Romancy” by Machrou3 Leila (2:55)

“Hometown Glory” by Adele (5:59)

“Borkan Beirut” by El Rass (8:05)

“Aranis (Remix)” by Soap Kills (9:05)

“Ya Habibi Ta’ala” by Asmahan (11:16)

“General Suleima”n by Zeid and the Wings (13:00)

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