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Episode #32: Susurrous Scholarship, Pt. 1

Susurrous Scholarship

A number of us grad students at 3620 have started a project called “Susurrous Scholarship,” a response to a call for sound provocations from Duke University’s SoundBox Project. The idea is simple: translate a written academic article into sound. But simple it is not. While we try to accomplish precisely what the written text does, we find that every minute detail of translation threatens to turn the sound piece into something else entirely. While we try to preserve style, evidence, and argument in the switch from written text to sonic text, we come to realize we might not be able to “preserve” anything between different media. We added another complication: the articles had to have been written by a senior faculty member, foisting some intergenerational collaboration on the process. The idea is to create a metaphorical echo chamber of ideas, where the whispering sound of ideas (susurrous) abounds.

This week we’re delighted to offer you the first in a series of 3 sound articles. This first one comes from Corrina Laughlin, who translated Carolyn Marvin’s “Your Smart Phones are Hot Pockets to Us: Context Collapse in a Mobilized Age,” from Mobile Media & Communication 1.1 (2013).



“This is the Dream of Evan and Chan” by Dntl (Intro & Outro)

“Late Anthropocene” by Brian Eno (Motif)

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