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Episode #36: How to Make a 3620 Podcast

Reflecting on our own practice

Welcome to the fourth season of 3620 podcast. This week is the first with our brand new host Debora Lui, who’s taking over from Kevin Gotkin for the semester. Kevin is still actively involved in the podcast as a producer and advisor.

Today’s podcast was produced by Deb, and focuses on the actual processes of producing an audio piece for the show. Different contributors were asked to reflect on their previous work, and also to think about advice they’ve give to other potential podcasters.

An important thing to keep in mind when listening to these reflections is that we at 3620 are interested not only in producing polished, final presentations of our research or ideas, but also in media production as something that can be constitutive or generative of future work. In other words, thinking through our processes of production are as important to us as producing them pieces themselves.


Certain Death (Still Alive Remix) – Blackberry / CC BY-NC 3.0

Emerge – Alex / CC BY 3.0

Little Penguin (ft. Debbizo) – Gurdonark / CC BY 3.0

Piano Soundtrack 1 – Gurdonark / CC BY 3.0

Sudden Goodbye (ft. TheDice) – Alex / CC BY 3.0

Chords for David (ft. jlbrock) – Pitx / CC BY 3.0

Old Chuck (ft. Colab & Forensic) – J.Lang / CC BY-NC 3.0

Reverie (small theme) (ft. Pitx) – _ghost / CC BY 3.0

3 pound universe (ft. Doxent Zsigmond (doxent)) – Jeris / CC BY 3.0

Which Will – Nick Drake

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