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Episode #59: Exemptions & Obligations

This week on the podcast, we bring you a story about the relationship between the University of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. Produced by John Vilanova and Aaron Shapiro, in this episode, we hear from a group of undergraduate students who have organized around the issue of PILOTs, or payments in lieu of taxation. Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the United States and, even though Penn is the biggest land owner in Philly, and its endowment is the tenth largest in the country, it pays nothing to the city in property taxes. Here, we follow the students in asking, What exactly is the role of the private university in supporting its home city’s public institutions?

Link to Jason Fernandes’ documentary: https://vimeo.com/115024258

Song list:

St. Vincent, “Digital Witness” [intro]

Javelin, “Dayjob” [2:37]

Blake Mills, “Gold Coast Sinkin'” [8:13]

The Mark 5, “Night Rumble” [11:58]

Múm, “Slow Bicylce” [18:13]


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