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Episode #62: Poetry and Music of Al-Andalus, Part One

Check out this week’s episode for the first of a two part exploration of the poetry and music of al-Andalus.  Produced by Jasmine Erdener, this episode features interviews and a music demonstration with Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture’s Music Director Hanna Khoury and Literary Scholar/Project Manager Ahmad Almallah.

Islamic Spain, or Al-Andalus, during the 8th-15th centuries, saw an incredible flowering of the arts and music. Poets began breaking away from classical Arabic poetry, and invented an entirely new style of poetry that was usually sung and set to music. After the Spanish reconquest of the country, followed by the Spanish Inquisition, this period ended. But in the hearts and minds of the people who left Spain, and who brought this music and poetry throughout North Africa and the Middle East, it remained a link to what was seen as the lost paradise and Golden Age of Andalusia.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture’s project “Words Adorned: Andalusian Poetry and Music” is made possible by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. More info at: http://albustanseeds.org/digital/wordsadorned/. This podcast is developed with WPEB Radio and Scribe Video Center.

Music: Ili T’adda Wa Fat / That Which Has Passed, featuring Sonia M’Barek from the 2014 album Rihla: Live In Philadelphia produced by Al-Bustan

Photo by Glenna Barlow: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rose_des_vents/

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