Subscribing to 3620

If you prefer listening to music in your browser and/or you like looking at the pretty pictures we’ll post with each week’s episode, check back to this site each Monday for new episodes. You can stream them from the episode page. But if you have a device that you want to take with you, here’s what you do.


You can find us in the iTunes Store podcast directory by searching for “3620” or “Annenberg.” For the link to the iTunes Store page that will open the application on your machine, click through our iTunes page. Subscribe! Rate! Review!

Stitcher Smart Radio

Check us out on Stitcher HERE.

RSS Feed Subscription

If you don’t use iTunes and still want to automatically download our episodes as they arrive each Monday, enter this URL into your application:

Manual Download

If you’d rather manage your media yourself and download the mp3 file directly onto a device, head to the episode page for the episode you want. Right underneath the media player, all the way to the right, you’ll see a “Download” link. Right click this and you can save it wherever is easiest.


Check us out on Facebook!

Announcement Listserv

To be added to the listserv that will announce new episodes and occasional podcast news, send an email to

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